Congratulations Mario Hernandez, Oscar Munoz and Mike Donovan

SuperStar Umpires

Updated Wednesday July 27, 2016 by WOLL.

Congratulations to Mario Hernandez, Oscar Munoz and Mike Donovan. Both of these guys will be experiencing their first year as a Texas East State umpire for the tournament in Tyler in July. Mario will be on the 10-year old field and Mike D will be on the Junior Field.
Just a short 7-years ago West Oaks Little League had the second largest umpire program of any league in TX D-16, which likely also means that we had the second largest umpire program in TX East State. Yet we had gone more than 20-years without having a representative at the State Tournament.
Tony Clasen “broke the ice” in 2011. Counting the selection of Mike D and Mario this year, the TX D-16 Independent Crew in just six years has now had eight of our guys honored by selection to the State Tournament!
It’s taken a lot of extra training and a lot of hard work by many of you. Rick, Wayne and others have recognized that work and have recognized your dedication to becoming better umpires. So we continue to be rewarded and given these honors. Eight of our guys have been selected for State. Four have been selected for Regionals. Mario and Mike D: you guys need to spend the next 3-1/2 months continuing to work hard and get ready to be a great representative for our crew and for our District 16.